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When buying a trailer consider what you want it to do.
A scissors trailer is great for allowing you to set your
pontoon down anywhere ( yard-garage-etc) or in very
shallow water.  Since it sits lower to the ground, it
should be a tandem axle. This helps significantly if you
have a flat tire. Scissors trailers are  more  tippy so you
need to get accustomed to cornering. With practice it
becomes easier. A bunk trailer is more stable, but can
only be unloaded in the water and you are at the mercy
of the landing depth.
Talk to your dealer about what is
best for you.
Make sure you plan ahead. Used pontoon
trailers are extremely hard to find and when
purchasing a pontoon trailer, never buy a
single axle scissors trailer. If you are not sure,
call us.
Special pricing on all
Bennington in-stock
bunk trailers