Our goal as a Marina is to keep you on the water enjoying your investment.  
We offer friendly service to everyone and we want to get things done in a
timely manner so that you aren't away from boating very long. Whether you
purchase a boat from us or not, we are available to help you with your
questions. Everyone is important to us and we try to treat you as a member
of our growing family. One of our goals is to treat each person with respect
and tell them honestly about boats, motors, and other items. We can advise
you about your purchase and explain how it works. When you purchase from
us, we will go over all the things you need to know about your purchase and
we will be there to help you after the purchase. We handle quality products
such as Bennington, Mercury, and Recon.  Happy Boating
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Check bottom of page to see the 20 things to look for when buying a pontoon
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20 Things to look for when buying a Pontoon Boat:
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1. Affordability!!
2. What is the Warranty and is it transferable to another owner?
3. How is the deck fastened down to the cross members?  Bolts or Screws?
4. How are the rails attached, are the bolted through the cross members or just through the wood
5. What is the spacing of the cross members?  16” or 24” on center?
6. The farther the cross members stick out toward the side trim the stronger and more stable the
boat will be.
7. Are the front corners supported with a cross member behind them?
8. Are the corners cast aluminum or stainless steel?  Stainless steel is 3 times stronger and it will
not pit or discolor.
9. Knock on the walls, what does it sound like?  Does it vibrate or sound like sheet metal?  
Compare to the sound on Bennington. This is the sound you will hear while driving on the water.
10. Do they use foam sealing tape in the walls to help dampen the sound?
11. Are the rails spaced off the floor to allow water drainage and ventilation?
12. Look at the wiring under the boat, is it exposed or is it inside conduit or split loom to help
protect it?  Electrical issues are the # 1 thing that goes wrong on a pontoon boat.
13. Inside the compartments, is it carpeted?  Will it ever dry if it gets wet?
14. Does the compartment have water drains under the lids to help keep water from even getting
into the compartment?
15. If you are looking to pull skiers, what is the tow bar rated to pull?  500lbs is good on the smaller
horsepower boats, but when you want to pull a few tubes or multiple skiers, 500lb IS NOT ENOUGH.
16.  How does the triple tube boat handle in turns?  Some, Harris, Southbay, and Premier have loss
of control issues when turning at high speeds.  (Triple tube boats).  They have not passed the
NMMA’s quick turn tests.
17. Is the splash well around the motor carpeted?  It will never stay dry if it is carpet, good place
for mold to grow.
18. Is there a keel on the bottom of the tube?
19. Check the “M” bracket on the back of the tubes, (end cap supports).  What is the width of the
bracket and how many point of contact does it have with the deck?  Bennington is 18” wide.
20. Do they have the options you want?
Why Consider Peterson Marine?

Quality, Workmanship, Pricing,
Service, Warranty

1. Your boating needs are
important to us.
2. We will give the lowest price
possible and will try to match or
beat any price.
3. We will try to answer all your
boating questions whether you
purchase from us or not.
4. We are only a phone call away.
5. We will work with you to help
you understand your boat.
6. We encourage test drives
whenever possible.
7. We match the boat, motor, and
prop to your needs.
8. You are important to us after
the sale.
9. You are our best
Helpful Hint: Winterizing is extremely important when
keeping your motor in good shape. Treating the fuel is
very important. Make sure your battery is fully charged
when you put your boat away.